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Zeal Mustard Kitchen CHIC

Zeal Mustard Kitchen CHIC


Nothing screams fashionable kitchen utensils quite like the Zeal Mustard Kitchen Utensil CHIC range. It brings together some stylish utensils that will improve the way your kitchen looks, while also adding to the practicality. The colour scheme features a bold mustard yellow, with shades of dark grey and French grey thrown in as well. It’s incredibly fashionable and can make a real statement in your kitchen. 

 Zeal Mustard Kitchen CHIC

Choose From A Wide Range Of Utensils


The Zeal Mustard Kitchen CHIC range has everything your kitchen could possibly need. This includes silicone serving and slotted spoons, slotted turners, traditional cook spoons, tongs, mini tongs, spatulas, baking utensils, colanders and so much more. 


Choose from a diverse range of products that all come with multiple colour options to fit this collection. 


Mix & Match Your Utensils

The gorgeous nature of this range means that all three of the colours blend so well with one another. It means you can mix and match the utensils to create a stunningly stylish effect in your kitchen. Choose French grey serving spoons with mustard yellow spatulas and dark grey tongs to add some real vibrancy to your kitchen worktop. 

Zeal Mustard Kitchen

These designer kitchen utensils are sure to add something different to your kitchen, providing it with a modern splash of colour. Browse through the entire collection today to see exactly what’s on offer - and to see the beautiful colours and designs yourself!

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