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Eco-friendly Sustainable Living | Introducing Zeal Self Sealing Lids

Eco-friendly Sustainable Living | Introducing Zeal Self Sealing Lids

Just in the UK, 1.2 billion metres of single-use cling film is used in households each year - and plastic wrap can take over one thousand years to decompose once in landfills! What is keeping your food fresh today might not be so good for the planet after all! 

That is why, here at Zeal, we are constantly expanding our collection of Self-Sealing Pan Lids - so you don’t have to choose between saving the world and enjoying a fresh lunch anymore. Here are just some of the benefits that you can expect from Zeal lids.

Zeal Pan Lids Are Heat and Cold Safe

No matter whether you are looking to seal in the flavours of your freshly prepared chilli or you are looking to cover a salad when storing in the friends, our lids are multi-purpose! You can also use them to heat up your meal in the microwave and prevent splashes. 

We hate washing the dishes as much as you - that’s why we have made our BPA-free silicone lids easy to clean and heat resistant to 250°C!

Seal-Sealing Pan Lids Can Keep Your Food Fresh and Toxin-Free

Zeal self-sealing pan lids are created with the mission to reduce food waste in mind. Thanks to the BPA- free and toxin-free build, our lids can help you enjoy your food as fresh and delicious as you have prepared it. Each lid also uses a simple vacuum solution to create an airtight seal, making your food last longer and reducing food waste!

Self-Sealing Lids Are The Alternative To Clingfilm You Have Been Looking For

It has never been more important to change our lifestyle to protect the environment. But don’t worry, we understand that you wouldn’t want to compromise on convenience! That is why we have created our lids so they are easy to clean, store, and reuse. Each model is stain- and odour-resistant, which makes them perfect to seal any pan, containing any food. Just give them a rinse once you are done, and they are ready to be used again. 

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