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Looking after the environment is hugely important to us. We have taken many steps to not only reduce our impact, but to help others reduce theirs.

Product innovation

We have made it part of our job to design and create products that work fantastically well and help to reduce everyday waste.


Our EcoBagz are a great eco-friendly alternative to single use containers and throw away plastic bags. These reusable, super durable air tight zip lock bags have so many uses in the kitchen, around the home and even for travel. Offering a great alternative to single use products.


Zeal Lids

Our reusable Zeal lids offer a real alternative to single use cling film or tin foil, they can be washed and reused again and again helping to reduce the everyday waste.


Delivery & Transport

The delivery partners we have chosen to deliver our products have committed to reducing their impact on the environment and are working to becoming Carbon Neutral.

You can view what Royal Mail are doing to achieve their Net Zero targets.

You can view what DPD are doing to become carbon neutral.


We have made huge steps to reuse and recycle as much packaging material as we can. This means using more recyclable packaging materials when shipping goods to our customers, and swapping bubble wrap for corrugated card and paper.