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Kitchen Tongs, Flexitech Masher, Slotted Turner, Spoon, Spatula Spoon, Spatula Set

Colour: Lime

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Large Silicone Spatula Spoon 26cm - This unique flat ended silicone spoon is perfect for cooking and baking. It has been developed specifically to optimise the contact between spoon and pan to prevent food from sticking to hot pans during cooking. Stir, scrape and turn food with ease. Long tapered edge of the spoon scrapes not only bottom of bowls, but also the sides perfectly. This may be the most useful kitchen utensil you will ever buy and is one of our favourites and all-time classics. Silicone Kitchen Tongs 26cm - Designed for use with all pans, especially non-stick, as the heat resistant soft touch silicone tips won’t damage or scratch your pans. The tongs have a high-quality stainless-steel construction with unique locking mechanism to keep the arms together whilst stored. The gentle spring action opens the tongs for use. The ring makes it easy to hook up if you prefer. Silicone Turner - The silicone fish slice or food turner has a sturdy nylon core and tapered flat end for efficient turning, flipping, lifting, stirring and scraping. It flexes to easily slide under food in your pan, from egg omelettes, crepes and pancakes to burgers, cookies and meats. The width of our kitchen turner is perfect for lifting and serving eggs, fish and large delicate foods such as lasagne. The three slots allow oils and juices to drain off before serving. Silicone Cooking Spoon - This silicone cooking spoon is an all-purpose kitchen utensil with an ergonomically designed handle providing a comfortable grip while cooking and stirring. The silicone material is durable and won’t damage or scratch your pans. Silicone Spatula - An all-purpose kitchen utensil perfect for baking, stirring, scraping, mixing and decorating. The ergonomic handle is specially designed for comfortable grip while in use. This traditional universal spatula is durable, heat resistant, and will not scratch your non-stick or delicate cookware and bakeware. It is also perfect for cooking scrambled eggs, sauces, gravy and jus, to scrape up all the flavours from bottom of pots and pans without damage. Silicone Potato Masher - The perfect food crusher for vegetables, baby food, fruit and purée. The masher is non-scratch and is perfect for non-stick pans and cookware. Especially designed to ensure the edges capture and crush all the potato avoiding lumps. The comfortable ergonomic long handle allows for effortless mashing, crushing, pressing and puréeing. Run under water when finished mashing to remove any stubborn residue prior to dishwashing. Easy to use and easy to care for, dishwasher safe and can also be hand washed, not recommended for the microwave. This collection of kitchen tools makes a great gift for the house or cook on any occasion. Zeal specialise in designing and developing the most useful, premium quality functional and durable kitchen utensils and tools. Every detail of the product and its use is scrutinised to create products you will want to rely on and use every single day. This set of kitchen tools make the perfect gift set for any occasion.